Getting Started

I’ve always been interested in words.  Starting at a young age, writing became an interest of mine.  At first, it was imagining what exciting stories I could come up with for my school assignments.  Then, simply how I could best inform my reader of historical events.  Once I began to encounter new ideas and form opinions of my own, I became more involved in the process of effectively communicating my message, of teasing out ideas and making them accessible and compelling.  I discovered another way to communicate my ideas other than written text: public speaking.  Exploration of this area opened up a whole new set of challenges and strategies for me to learn and master, and I have looked for more experience in adapting to that particular form of communication.

Now, however, there are other areas of communication that I’m eager to try, those of digital media.  Each medium comes with its own set of advantages and challenges and unique qualities.  Areas such as photography, video, and film have all recently captured my interest, and I’m curious to learn more about how these mediums can be harnessed.

I believe the Digital Communications class I am currently taking at Furman University will help me get started. This blog will begin as a means by which I will record what I learn about digital media and about how various components can be used most effectively to communicate ideas. For instance, I chose WordPress and this particular design because I thought both equally accommodated the use of text as well as photographs.  I tend to gravitate towards simple, clean designs because it is easier to organize and find information.

Throughout the semester, I will explore the different uses of communication mediums by studying how international companies in the Greenville area modify and focus their communication to appeal to the local area as well as which forms of digital media are used.  Since my elementary school days, I’ve learned words can be communicated in far more ways than one.  I would like to be able to use any communication tool to effectively and creatively convey ideas.  Whatever career I end up in after completing school, I want to be able to utilize what I have learned about digital communication and media in order to be successful within that career.


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